About this Challenge

Join us at HTC on the 28th of November and get a chance to win 1000 Euros while connecting with other sustainability enthusiasts!

Creating a digital solution for early stage building design, targeting low CO2 alternatives for the residential sector

At CRH, specifically from the Innovation Center for Sustainable Construction (iCSC), we identify sustainability to be a fundamental strategic imperative for our business, that is deeply embedded in all aspects of our business. Our vision is to develop solutions that build, connect and improve our world. Since the construction industry contributes to circa 40% of the CO2 emissions, we are bringing to you a challenge that aims to tackle the existing construction industry and provide sustainable solutions to our customers.

  •  Digital Solution Hackathon

Dedicated to students, digital product designers, developers, engineers, and those in the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering sectors to make a real impact.

The challenge is to create Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), guided by our designers and coaches, who will make sure you are fully supported in this journey.

The Digital Solution would ultimately empower architects, consultants and construction companies to design zero Co2 buildings and cities.

Important Dates

Registration Starts - 25th of September

Registration Ends - 11th November

Q&A webinar - 21st of November

Event - 28th of November

Please note that a Q&A webinar will be organized one-week prior to the event to provide you with the latest findings from our Customer Discovery Phase which was organized in three different markets in Europe. The goal is to illustrate our customers' needs and features required for such a solution.

Who are we?

About CRH

CRH is a global leader in delivering building materials solutions. 

  • c.75,000 employees
  • 30bn. Turnover 
  • CO2 reduction by 30% by 2030
  • Net Zero by 2050
  • 29 countries

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CRH Values

At CRH, our Values unite us in the way we work, every day, all over the world.

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