Digital Solution Hackathon

Why participate?

We have an exciting opportunity for students, digital product designers, developers, engineers, and those in the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering sectors to make a real impact.
CRH needs your help to address the urgent environmental challenge in the construction industry: reducing CO2 emissions.
The Digital Solution would empower architects and construction companies to design zero Co2 buildings and cities .

The challenge is creating a Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), guided by our designers and coaches, who will make sure you are fully supported in this journey.
A webinar will be organised one-week prior the event and it will provide you all the data, key features, allowing you time to put together your MVP.

  • Address a real-world environmental issue
  • Gain recognition and exposure from a global building materials leader
  • Expand your network and connect with industry professionals
  • Unlock the opportunity to collaborate with us on tool development
  • Win a chance to earn 1000 euros

AI Innovation Center; HTC 5, 5656 AA Eindhoven, Netherlands

28th of November, 9am – 6pm


AI Innovation Center
5656 AA Eindhoven

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